Katy Perry Meow Perfume Gift Set

If you want a gift that’s full of fun and charm, the Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry is a great choice.

Katy Perry Meow Gift Set

Meow is this superstar’s latest fragrances with a cat theme, and a sister fragrance to her Purr perfume. At the time of writing the gift set is a great way to get both fragrances in one because the featured perfume is Meow, but the gift set also includes her first fragrance, Purr. (The contents of the gift set may vary so do check when you order.)

Whether you buy it for a Katy Perry fan in your life, a cat enthusiast, a whimsical friend, loved one, or even for yourself, it is a wonderfully aromatic scent to give or receive.

The gift set offers a beautiful cat decanter a, charming cat necklace, and both of her energetic fragrances.

What Is Included In The Gift Set

When you buy the Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry, you get:

One (1.7 fluid ounces or 50 ml) of Meow Eau de Parfum Natural Spray

One (.05 ounces or 1.4 gram) Meow Eau de Parfum Solid Perfume

Locket with 36-inch chain

One (.07 ounces or 50 ml) Purr Eau de Parfum Natural Spray.

This gift set allows you to buy both fragrances at once. The gift set also includes a memento reflecting Katy Perry’s love of cats, to wear as jewelry. The individual items included in the gift set are described individually below.

#1 Meow Eau de Parfum Natural Spray

The Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry has one Meow lavender, cat-shaped, milk-glass decanter filled with the sweet, candy-like fragrance. It has 1.7 ounces or 50 ml of Meow perfume in the cat decanter to spray and enjoy.

The cat decanter is a beautiful lavender-pink color, and the cat is adorned with crystal eyes. The Meow kitty also wears a neck collar, with an “M” charm for you to wear or keep. The retro milk-glass decanter is beautiful to display, and the Meow Perfume is fun to wear.

#2 Meow Solid Perfume Locket

This cute locket in the Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry, is kitten-shaped with sparkling eyes and ears. It is light lavender in color, with a sparkling 36-inch chain to match, so that you can wear the Katy kitty around your neck.

The top of the locket slides, to reveal a circle of Meow Solid perfume within the locket. The Meow locket comes with a black, cloth, drawstring bag, to keep your Katy trinket safe. The locket is fun, playful, cute, yet classy and you will always have the Meow fragrance around your neck to wear at any time.

#3 Purr Eau de Parfum Natural Spray

The Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry gives you a chance to enjoy her first fragrance as well.

The Purr perfume is a .07 fluid ounce spray of Katy’s debut perfume. The perfume spray comes in a purple, lipstick-like container that will fit in your purse, to be sprayed on and enjoyed throughout the day. It has a primarily fruity aroma of peach, mixed with floral and apple. If you missed it when it was first introduced, you can try it out in this gift set.

Meow Perfume 5 Star Rating

Meow 5 Star rating

5 Star rating

I love Meow perfume and I give Meow a 5 star rating. You can read my full review of Meow by following the link below:

Meow Perfume Review


Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry Selling Quickly

Katy Perry fans are snatching these gift sets up as souvenirs, and others are buying them for loved ones who are Katy fans. Because both fragrances are offered, the Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry is selling very quickly. The fragrances and locket are in their own Katy Perry packaging, and are put together beautifully to give as gifts.

The Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry allows you to buy both fragrances, and get a fragrance locket to wear, at a very reasonable price. The lavender milk-glass decanter is beautiful to display, and the locket can be kept as Katy memorabilia as well. This gift set actually delivers three gifts in one, if you have more than one Katy-Cat in the family or circle of friends to buy for.

The Katy Perry Influence

Katy Perry is a very versatile, fun-loving, colorful star. These unique fragrances are made to revive warm and happy memories.

The perfumes smell differently on each individual, which reinforces Katy’s emphasis on individuality. If you have wanted to try Katy’s perfumes, but did not want to spend an exorbitant amount, the Meow Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry is a great, less expensive way to try both fragrances at once!

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Katy Perry Perfume

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