Katy Perry Style

Katy Perry’s Unique Style

Katy Perry’s style is so unique that she has even established her own very successful brand of perfume. Katy Perry perfume is a reflection of Katy Perry style and personality

It seems many singing superstars have taken their fame and spread it to other areas. Perfume is one area where stars can really establish their individual style in a way that can be shared intimately with their fans.

It is perhaps no surprise the Katy Perry Perfume is skyrocketing in sales. It seems the last little while that anything this singer touches turns to gold, (except maybe Russell Brand.)

There is no doubt that whatever Katy Perry Perfume out it will be a success. It is said the singer was so impressed with the success of her first perfume “Purr” that she had to come out with another. Both Katy Perry perfumes are actually quite similar in many ways; let’s take a look at them.

Katy Perry Purr

There seems to be two things about singer Katy Perry that are no secret, one is that she is an incredible artist and the other is that she is a cat lover. Katy’s love of cats was a great driving force behind the name of “Purr” as well as the cute cat design. “Purr” perfume was released in November of 2010 and was an immediate hit. For the first nine weeks after its release it was the top selling perfume, no surprise. I am sure every teenage girl went out right away to purchase it. Purr was the “purr”fect gift for all the Katy Perry lovers.

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Katy Perry Meow

This Katy Perry Perfume was just released in December of 2011. After the huge success of the singers first perfume “Purr” it was the right time to bring out her new perfume. Katy Perry described this one as a sister perfume to Purr. Her love for cats couldn’t be clearer with this perfume.

Meow by Kay Perry embodies Perry’s feline fun style and her soft sensuality. It also captures her energy and vitality.

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Katy Perry Purr and Meow Compared

The two Katy Perry Perfumes are quite similar in some ways. But actually when you look closely at each there are quite a few differences. Let’s look at each one and compare.


  • November 2010 release
  • Packaged in a dark purple bottle
  • Collar with purr on  it
  • Citrus twist
  • Available in 1.0 oz, 1.7 oz, and 3.4 oz sizes
  • Top seller for 9 weeks after  launch
  • Floral scent


  • December 2011 release
  • Packaged in a light purple cat bottle
  • Collar displays an “M” on it
  • Sweeter scent
  • Available in 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz sizes


There is said to have been many different reasons that the Katy Perry Perfume was introduced. It is true she wanted to compete with other superstars that were having success with their brand of perfumes.

By creating a perfume she also wanted to showcase her style and reveal something more about her personality. Katy is a huge cat lover and one interview has her saying she made this perfume to show exactly that.  She was also to have said she was quite bored with many of the other scents out there, and wanted to create something unique. She truly wanted people to look at the perfume and know right away it was a Katy Perry Perfume.

There really is no doubt if you are a Katy Perry fan, that this is her perfume. Each of her perfumes has a wonderful and unique style and a smell that is captivating. The cat bottle for each is adorable, and great for a decoration after it’s done, which was what Katy Perry had in mind. These are definitely 2 of the hottest perfumes being sold. So whether you are “California Gurls” or you are “Waking up in Vegas” you need to make sure you “Hook Up” with either one of the Katy Perry Perfumes.

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